Tired of the same old Netflix and chill night at home?

Are you and your lover ready for the ultimate date night?

We’re bringing tantra, right to your bedroom. No matter where you are, or if you’ve ever practiced tantra before, you and your partner can learn the skills and techniques to take your connection deeper than it has ever been before.
Chantelle and Aaron are two masters of teaching guided tantric meditation for ALL COUPLES to benefit from no matter where you are in your relationship - Honeymoon Phase to celebrating your 50th Anniversary. Meditation is not restricted to your mat. You can learn to practice meditation in everyday interactions and in your sexual relationship. Tantra shows you how. So, are you ready to upgrade your love life?
Think about it, a normal date night costs hundreds of dollars when you factor in the fancy restaurant, bottle of wine, tickets to some show, baby sitter, gas and travel time. This one date night will transform the way you and your lover connect forever. Just one night to deepen your connection, from the comfort of your home. ...and once you have the skills you can press repeat to spice up the evening anytime (day or night) you like. Thank us later ;) ❤️

Guided sensual meditation practices included:

How To Set Up Your Love Nest

  • Conscious Communication

    Learn how to clearly communicate your boundaries, fears, desires in a safe and supportive container

  • Connection

    With Soul Gazing and Dual Breathing, you will experience deeper states of togetherness and belonging

  • Tantric Touch

    Easy yet powerful massage practices of Elemental and Tantric Touch heighten pleasure and experience.

Your love life will never be the same ❤️

Each partner will be guided by Chantelle and Aaron on how to develop your tantric connection with your partner through these tried and tested techniques.

Course curriculum

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    Tantric Date Night

    • with Chantelle and Aaron