The foundation of Marcel’s powerful teachings, we begin our transformational journey with Dopamine Activation Breathing. This technique improves your general well being, releases trauma, relieves stress, anxiety and depression and offers a host of other scientifically proven health benefits. This 5-day course alone will totally transform every aspect of your life.

The Power Of Breathwork

  • What is Dopamine Activation Breathing?

    Over the last 40 years, Marcel and his brothers have tested many forms of breathwork. Dopamine Activation Breathing (D.A.B.) has been shown to be one of the most powerful. It has helped thousands of students break free from stress, anxiety, overwhelm and a growing list of mental, physical and emotional struggles.

  • Why Breathwork?

    Breathwork is the fastest way to alter our state of being and shift out of a negative mindset, and away from limiting beliefs. Adopting the practice connects us with our innate wisdom. This brings greater awareness to our self, life and the decisions we make, which leads to overall well-being and happiness. The BONUS? Breathing is FREE and available at any time!

  • How Does Breathwork Work?

    Rhythmic breathing hyper-oxygenates the body, altering the pH of the bloodstream and creates a stronger electromagnetic field and current throughout the body. This activates the natural chemicals that your body produces. In this state, negative emotions are released and cleansed. This is the reason many doctors and psychologists are now turning to breathwork as a viable option for treatment, health, and healing.

Marcel focuses on accessing the power within, and reaching personal autonomy.

Although Marcel and Wim grew up in the same family, practicing and learning together, they are both different personalities, and gravitate towards different approaches. Marcel focuses on accessing the power within, and reaching personal autonomy. He uses different methods to activate what he calls the “Internal Drug-Store”, and allow people to experience the power of their own body and mind.


Marcel Hof offers his first breathwork technique to a highly discounted price.

What people are saying

"It literally saved my life."

Richard Alma

I never do reviews but this time I 100% felt the need to write about my experience at the Marcel Hof Method retreat @ The Istana. Going to this retreat changed my life. The power of connecting to my breath wasn't new to me, but somehow Marcel's methods of assisting me to connect with it worked! Breathwork, icebaths, moving my body all helped shift me into a deeper connection with my core - my breath. I met trauma that I'd held onto for decades. I didn't think this was possible... it is. I was drinking way too much alcohol, suffering from anxiety and a lack of self-worth. During the course that shifted each day to a place where I am at now. I am alcohol-free, cigarette free and my anxiety is managed via the breathing techniques Marcel taught me. My life is different. I value myself and it's changed everything. I smile more. I love more and life flows. All because I'm connecting with my breath. Thank you Marcel! And thank me for showing the fuck up - I feel my self-worth now.

"I exploded into a heartgasm."

Glovindria Singh

There are certain experiences in life that change you forever. Experiences that, until you have them, you might think are only reserved for a special group of people in the mountains, or in ashrams. This is the sort of experience I had during Marcel Hof's Dopamine Activation Breathing course. On my fourth day of breathing, I suddenly felt my entire body vibrate from head to toe, I can only describe this as a surge of energy coursing through my meridians, so intense I could barely contain it. Luckily I didn't contain it. After another minute of vibrating uncontrollably I exploded into a heartgams. Yes, a heartgasm. It felt as though my heart had a full blown orgasm. Tears of gratitude flooded down my face and I erupted in laughter and joy. For the rest of that day I felt an unprecedented high as though I was floating, once the high wore off I felt an incredible sense of connection to people around me and realized that self-actualization comes in waves. The more you release, the more you can receive. This is the gift of the breath, and it's our birthright. I'm forever grateful to Marcel Hof for guiding me into a deeper communion with my breath.

"Stress, worry and anxiety were lifted away."

Brian Kelly

Honestly... blown away! I've tried so many different techniques, meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, you name it, I've tried it. I can honestly say that NOTHING even comes to close in comparison to what I experienced in just 15 minutes of practicing the Dopamine Activation Breathing technique. It was as if years of pinned up stress, worry and anxiety were just lifted away. I've been grinding it out as an entrepreneur for nearly 15 years now, working 10-15 hour days, nights and weekends, and everything in between. I only wish I could have found breathwork and the work of Marcel when I was getting started! Having this tool would made the journey so much easier to navigate. I'm so grateful to have found it now. Better late than never. I can't THANK YOU enough Marcel Hof! I can honestly say you may have just helped me add another 10-20 years onto my life.

I feel lighter, less stressed & at east."

Mikele Kuhar

Gamer Changer - this whole breathwork experience revealed later to me I didn't even know existed. I feel lighter, less stressed and at ease with how life is. I am always super skeptical with anything claiming to have life changing beneifts, but this is something special. Everyone needs to experience breathwork in their life. Thank you Marcel Hof.

-- Dopamine Activation Breathing --

Course Curriculum

Bonus materials

  • Breathwork Guide

    Access Marcel’s guide to building and continuing your own practice! 40 years of experimentation and exploration have led Marcel to share his secrets with the world. Take a peek inside the mind of the man who developed the life-changing Dopamine Activation Breathing technique. Apply his teachings, and your life will never be the same again! After the 5-day course is complete, your journey is just beginning! Take your practice even deeper by accepting one of Marcel’s 28-day post-course breathwork challenges!

  • Breathwork Journal

    Hold yourself accountable. This free downloadable journal helps you set your intentions, track your daily growth and log your results. One day you’ll look back and see how much progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come! Practice. Transform. Repeat.

  • Available on all devices

    You will be guided through 5 days of practice. Intimate HD video stories of Marcel and a first-person account of his breathwork journey showing you how these techniques can be used in your life to get the most from this empowering process. If you’re truly committed to transformation, The Marcel Hof Method provides, then going all-in on this 5-day journey and 28 day, step-by-step follow-up challenge, is by far the easiest and most powerful way to see amazing results RIGHT NOW!