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Marcel Hof

His Story

After 40 years of practice and exploration, Marcel Hof is one of the world’s most experienced breathwork facilitators, and is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the field of breathwork. Having touched the lives of thousands of people around the world, Marcel has dedicated his life to helping others access their internal power, break free from outdated or limiting thoughts and beliefs, and experience themselves as the truly powerful beings they really are. Born in the Netherlands, Marcel was one of nine children. Within the family, there was a philosophical divide between two camps; the intellectual and the experiential. Marcel naturally fell in with the experiential camp of the family, along with his brothers Ruud and Wim, and together, they loved to push the boundaries of human potential through the experience of extreme conditions and practices. This early exposure to extreme practices (such as exposure to the ice and harsh climates) ignited a deep passion that led Marcel to continue practicing, and eventually, teaching breathwork and other yogic and shamanic techniques. Marcel Hof has two daughters, is based in the Netherlands, and spends much of the year traveling with his partner Anicca Vos, to teach transformational workshops.